Verdin™ Digital Organs

True Pipe Organ Design | Ease of Operation | Musical Flexibility

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Verdin organs are built simple with no unnecessary electronics or complicated computer menus in order to give you the look and feel of a traditional pipe organ console. However, don't let their simple design fool you. Each model boasts many technologically-advanced features such as Real-Time Adaptive Modeling that continuously controls over 256 harmonics and the volume of each individual stop, Convolution Reverberation that provides the most natural sound response for any room type or size, up to 10 channels of external amplification for Dimensional Sound Dispersion, and a split chest configuration.

The construction of the consoles and console features are hardly lacking either. You will appreciate premium Fatar keyboards, Kimber Allen mechanical controls, Syndyne toe pistons and lighted stop tabs, programmable combination actions with multiple memories, divided expression, built-in record and playback, hand recall, headphone and stereo inputs/outputs, a programmable crescendo pedal, and more! Verdin's organ consoles are built using wooden veneer -not laminates that chip or peel. The hardwood moldings and tambours also add to the durability of the instrument.

You will also enjoy the musical flexibility that comes standard with each console. Multiple voicing sets with instant access, adjustable tremulants, 24 tuning temperament options, MIDI In/Out, Theater Tremulant for contemporary gospel music, as well as the ability to interface with a digital carillon unit.

Verdin™ Digital Organ Models

Verdin Exaltation Series


2 Manuals/ 29 Stops


2 Manuals/ 31 Stops


2 Manuals/ 31 Stops


2 Manuals/ 42 Stops


3 Manuals/ 54 Stops


3 Manuals/ 54 Stops


3 Manuals/ 54 Stops

Verdin Virtuoso Series


2 Manuals/ 27 Stops


2 Manuals/ 34 Stops


3 Manuals/ 48 Stops


  • Unmatched quality of construction
  • Wooden veneer consoles. No laminates.
  • Steel frame reinforced pedal boards
  • Finished wood back on all consoles


  • Backed by Verdin, the only musical instrument company in the United States with over 170 years of experience.
  • Partnered with Eminent
  • National service organization

Customizable Options

  • Console design and finishes
  • Stop List
  • Stop Location
  • External Audio System