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In 1990, Anton Škrabl returned to his native Slovenia after having learned the ancient craft of organ building in Germany and established his own company.

Since then, Škrabl has quickly become one of Europe’s largest and fastest-growing pipe organ builders with over 300 installations and dozens of restorations. Their rich Slovenian history of organ building has won many national and international awards.  A thriving and solid company with 60 employees based in a state-of-the-art facility, Škrabl is one of the few organ builders in the world that still builds everything in-house: pipes, keyboards, control system, casework, and consoles are all made by the Škrabl company. Nothing is subcontracted to a third party.

This enables the company to keep a close eye on quality, and it ensures that the final product stands the test of time. It also reduces the overall cost as there is no markup to pay to third party suppliers. Furthermore, the cost of labor in Slovenia, coupled with a most favorable exchange rate with the US dollar, guarantees a competitive price.


Such is the quality of Škrabl's work that they are engaged to build components and even entire instruments for other organ builders across the world, including highly respected companies in the USA. Škrabl is renowned for the high quality of its instruments, and their superb service to the customer.

From small, chamber organs to robust pipe installations, Škrabl can meet the needs of any individual, parish, or institution.

The Verdin™ Organ Division is proud to be the exclusive representative of Škrabl in the United States. Our qualified staff of pipe organ specialists will be happy to visit your church and advise on the feasibility of a Škrabl organ for your venue.



Škrabl offers mechanical action consoles for authentic pipe organ touch or digital-mechanical consoles to meet the needs of the organist or building space.

Škrabl pipe systems can also be combined with other digital organs available from The Verdin Organ Division to make a world-class hybrid or combination organ system.

Škrabl also produces a number of superbly crafted chamber organs designed for flexibility and ease of use in the home, church or concert hall. They range from one-stop Portatives to a four-stop Positive with pedalboard.


A custom Škrabl installation adds beauty to your church, home, university, or concert hall. As one of the world's foremost pipe organ builders, you can be assured that your Škrabl organ will look and sound amazing. Škrabl can build mechanical-action consoles or a pipe system can be combined with any digital organ available from the Verdin Organ Division to create full or hybrid pipe instruments.  Škrabl pipe systems can also be combined with any existing digital console.

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