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Perfect For Contemporary Religious Services, Home,
Choir Accompaniment, or Retirement Communities.

Verdin™ Organ Division partnered with the ORLA company from Italy to provide you with tonally-rich digital pianos complete with many features and capabilities. These unique digital pianos are built right in the heart of Italy’s musical instrument capital and are renowned all over the world for their natural sound and musical versatility.

ORLA Digital Pianos feature 88-key, graded, hammer-action keyboards that accurately replicate the touch and performance of a traditional piano. Beside ORLA's state-of-the-art accompaniment and performance features, the pianos boast 20 proprietary orchestral sounds, 10 unique organ voices, 8 drum kits, and 128 general MIDI instruments. You will also enjoy 20 memory banks for storing recordings, 3 reverb effects, pitch control to match acoustic instruments, and sound mixing controls.

Enhance your audience's or congragation's musical experience further with innovative Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to play along with any performance or karaoke track played from your tablet, laptop, smartphone, or other Bluetooth-capable device.
This eliminates the need for a CD or MP3 player and bulky sound system equipment while giving control of the performance track playback to the accompanist.

Standard Features and Specifications

Bluetooth connections enable playback of audio files via iPad or smartphone device.
Play along with performance or karaoke tracks to enhance the musical experience.
  • 2 Headphone Sockets
  • L/R Inputs and Outputs
  • USB Interface
  • 20 Memory Banks
  • Reverb Effects: Room, Hall, Theatre, Chorus
  • Sound Controls for Master Volume, Treble, and Bass
  • Transpose/Pitch Control
  • Backlit LED display
  • 2 x 15-Watt Internal Speakers
  • Schulmerich® and Verdin Carillon Interface Capability

Dewey Kuhn, General Manager of the Verdin Organ Division, demonstrates the features and capabilities of the ORLA Digital Piano.

ORLA Digital Piano Models


Solid music rack, 3-pedal sustain dampener, Conventional piano design. Designed for permanent setups.

Available in Rosewood, Black, and White

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ORLA Stage Concert

Transparent music rack, single sustain pedal, slim design, portable. Designed for temporary setups.

Available in Black and White

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