With the innovative Compact 224, the world of the organ is now available to any kind of organist in any kind of situation. This 2-manual console built with solid oak is easy to move and enables the instrument to be used in a completely multi-functional way.  This is appealing for modern houses of worship, meetings where a temporary organ setup is needed, home use, teacher-student use, or an affordable instrument option for a small congregation.

Even though it is portable, the Compact 224 is —in all other respects— completely equal to other fine Content organ models. It features four unique organ specifications (Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Symphonic) each having their own samples and distinctive stop list. Content's unparalleled Invention Technology also provides a realistic, detailed, and refined sound.

Compact Series Live Audio Samples

Baroque Registration Set

Classic Registration Set

Romantic Registration Set

Symphonic Registration Set


Compact 224

  • 2 Manuals
  • 24 Stops
  • 384 programmable presets
  • 4 unique registration styles
  • Solid oak console construction
  • Virtual Player position
  • Internal or external audio system

Optional Accessories: 30-Note Pedalboard, Oak Bench, Keyboard Stand, and Expression Pedal