Play the works of the great masters with the sounds from their actual time. The Celeste Series offers exceptional performance versatility. Choose between Baroque, Classic, Romantic, and Symphonic registrations.

Technology has greatly contributed in improving the sound and the experience of the Celeste. Attention to detail and further refinement have created a dynamic and comprehensive instrument that keeps inspiring over time.

Celeste Series Audio Samples

Baroque Registration Set

Classic Registration Set

Romantic Registration Set

Symphonic Registration Set

Celeste 236 right black

Celeste 236

  • 2 Manuals
  • 36 Stops
  • 6-Channel Audio System with 10 Speakers

Stop List

Celeste 340 left

Celeste 340

  • 3 Manuals
  • 40 Stops
  • 6-Channel Audio System with 14 Speakers

Stop List