All Episodes of Rodney Barbour’s Educational Series Now Available

Today marks the release of the final episode of Rodney Barbour’s new educational video series for the beginning organist.  Ten weeks ago, we embarked on a journey together with Rodney as he expertly demonstrated how to set up the organ for traditional and contemporary worship as well as recitals or concerts.  Through each of the episodes, we are taught the full capabilities of the organ and how to blend stops together to create what Rodney calls “Soundscapes” in order to help the organist tell a musical story -whether as part of worship or a performance.

In addition to using traditional organ stops such as flutes, mixtures, reeds, and chorus, Rodney also demonstrated how adding extra MIDI orchestral voices can enhance the organist’s performance and the listener’s experience by pushing the organ’s capabilities to new levels.

Whether you are new to the organ or have been playing for a while, Rodney has created an exceptional educational series that is sure to open your mind to all the fantastic possibilities you can create.

See the Organist Resources page for more details about the series and links to the videos.

Or click here to access the series playlist on the Verdin Organ Division’s YouTube channel as well as other videos from Verdin.