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The world’s first digital organ designed and manufactured by one of the world’s preeminent pipe organ builders.

Unprecedented Pipe Organ-Quality for the Digital Organ

Developed by Skrabl in Slovenia, the Accent boasts proprietary technology whose research exceeded one million dollars. This gives the Accent the highest build quality in terms of construction and sound of any other digital organ available today. True pipe organ design eliminates complicated computer menus and electronics. Thus, giving you the look and feel of a conventional pipe organ console. Extraordinary musical performance is achieved by an exclusive proprietary digital tone generation system unique only to the Accent.


Accent Digital Organ Music Samples

In this case, hearing is believing.  Don't let your ears be fooled with what you're about to hear -you just might think you're listening to an authentic pipe organ!  The music samples below were recorded from the Accent Digital Organ using digital samples from real Skrabl pipe organs.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Demo 4


Complete Customization

Because the Accent is a premier instrument, it is also fully customizable. You truly have the option of designing your very own organ from a blank slate instead of being forced to compromise between pre-existing organ models with established stoplists and features. You now have the unique opportunity to build an organ -unlike any other- that you can call your very own. Not to mention that your personalized organ will have the full support of Skrabl -one of the world’s largest pipe organ companies- as well as Verdin™ -now celebrating our 175th year.

Customizable Options

Number of Manuals
Stop List and Number of Stops
Position of Drawknobs

Configuration of Thumb and Toe Pistons
Expression and Crescendo Pedals
Console Construction Material and Finish

Console Design
Hybrid Organ or Full Digital
Audio System


The Accent offers you complete control over your design. Make an organ console that will be one-in-a-million with customization of almost every aspect of construction. Choose between conventional, tiered, or cabinet designs. Choose the wood and finish. Choose the quality of keyboards and how many. Choose the stop list and drawknob positions. The examples shown here only give you a glimpse of what is possible with the Accent.

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