Verdin™ Organ Division

The Most Complete Collection of Bells and Organs in the World

For the past 175 years, The Verdin Company™ of Cincinnati, Ohio has enriched worship through the pealing of bells. The bells are a symbol of peace and hope that tie communities, families, and individuals together. Throughout the long heritage that the Verdin family has created, we have always sought technology and innovation to meet the needs of parishioners in the modern day. Our family pioneered the first electric bell ringer. We electrified manual installations. We developed digital bell and carillon systems. We also grew to include clock and tower manufacturing.

Today, we continue our legacy by announcing the Verdin Organ Division. We have created –for you– the most complete collection of bells and organs in the world. Nowhere else is there a company that offers you everything needed to make your parish’s musical experience whole. In partnering with several long-established European organ builders with centuries of experience, we have brought to the United States unparalleled quality, craftsmanship, and versatility.

This union enables us to offer you a robust family of customizable, full-pipe organ systems; hybrid organ systems; digital organs from one to five manuals; digital pianos for modern-day worship trends; and contemporary carillon controllers. All of our organ systems and models are pre-programmed to accommodate any existing or future bell installations. With the simple push of a button, the organist can control the bells and even add them to registration to use during performances. The organist can also play any musical liturgy on demand through the carillon system directly from the organ console.

We are excited to bring to you this unprecedented opportunity that isn’t available from any other bell and organ company.

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