New Installation Announced At Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church in Reidsville, NC

The Verdin Organ Division® is pleased to announce that a Content® Celeste Series Model 340 three-manual console with Kienle® Element™ Pipe Resonator Audio System as well as a Verdin® Supreme Touch™ Digital Carillon has been installed in the magnificent new building of Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church. The church suffered a lightning strike several years ago that resulted in a fire destroying their original building.

Seen here, you can see workers installing the new Kienle® Element™ Pipe Resonator System.

Musical specifications for this console includes 40 basic organ stops and with four independent sets of voicings for a total of 160 basic pipe organ stops. Internal console audio and external audio have six independent audio channels each.

Organist control includes 10 General pistons with 45 memory banks for the combination action settings of each voicing set, or, a total of 1,800 preset registration possibilities.
Kienle® Pipe Resonator Audio Systems simulate the sound dispersion of acoustical pipes in that a speaker at the bottom of the pipe activates the column of air providing a non-directional sound dispersion pattern versus the normal directional loud speaker patterns.

A unique aspect of his installation is the combination of organ and digital carillon permitting all of the traditional outdoor carillon functions, as well as having the sounds of true cast bells for worship as played by the organist.

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