With the innovative Compact® 224, the world of the organ is now available to any kind of organist in any kind of situation. This 2-manual console built with solid oak is easy to move and enables the instrument to be used in a completely multi-functional way.  This is appealing for modern houses of worship, meetings where a temporary organ setup is needed, home use, teacher-student use, or an affordable instrument option for a small congregation.

Even though it is portable, the Compact® 224 is —in all other respects— completely equal to other fine Content® organ models. It features four unique organ specifications (Baroque, Classic, Romantic and Symphonic) each having their own samples and distinctive stop list. Content's unparalleled Invention Technology™ also provides a realistic, detailed, and refined sound.

Compact® Series Live Audio Samples

Baroque Registration Set

Classic Registration Set

Romantic Registration Set

Symphonic Registration Set


Compact® 224

  • 2 Manuals
  • 24 Stops
  • 384 programmable presets
  • 4 unique registration styles
  • Solid oak console construction
  • Virtual Player position
  • Internal or external audio system

Optional Accessories: 30-Note Pedalboard, Oak Bench, Keyboard Stand, and Expression Pedal