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Innovation, Quality, and Craftsmanship to meet the needs of the demanding organist.

Chapel 236 RCF front

Perfect for accompanying choirs or congregational singing while providing more capabilities than a small pipe organ.

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Clavis 224R right RCF

A dynamic and comprehensive instrument that keeps inspiring over time. Built for organ enthusiasts with great attention to detail.

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Classic 341 De Luxe front

Featuring French Romantic and German Baroque registrations, the Classic® Series has been developed for the organist who doesn’t want to sacrifice sound or quality. Time-accurate natural sound enables you to play music from the era it was composed.

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Mondri Classic 231 right

The beautiful Mondri® Series feature traditional European cabinet consoles and boast refinement that creates one of the most dynamic and comprehensive instruments available.

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Celeste 236 right black

Play the works of the great masters with the sounds from their actual time. The Celeste® Series offers performance versatility unlike any other organ today.

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Cantate 346R Right

Inspired by many beautiful and historic European pipe organs, the Cantate® Series features unparalleled sound reproduction in timbres that resemble the actual instruments that your music was originally composed on.

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Cambiare 210 RCF left

Beautiful organ consoles built specifically for the renowned Hauptwerk® Virtual Pipe Organ software that enable you to use Hauptwerk® in full glory.

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Concerto 576 right low

A world-class instrument inspired by early pipe organs. With a treasure of stops available, never before has a digital organ sounded so natural and clear.

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