New Verdin Organ Installed at Ascension Lutheran Church

The Verdin Company® of Cincinnati, Ohio is pleased to announce the Verdin Organ Division® has just installed a comprehensive three manual console at Ascension Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, WI where Mr. Mark Schroeter is the organist.

This console features several personal requests of Mr. Schroeter including a customized stop specification, reverse-colored keyboards, adjustable bench, adjustable music desk, mechanical drawknobs by Kimber Allen® and the addition of a true Zimbelstern manufactured in Wisconsin by Der Zimbelstern®.

The comprehensive musical specification includes 57 organ stops with two sets of additional organ stops for a total of 171 pipe organ stops built in.

The installation of a Verdin organ replaces an older pipe organ that had gone through several renovations and once again needed updating. The façade pipe work from the original organ was maintained so as not to change the appearance of the inside of the church.

Verdin organs are built in cooperation with the Eminent Organ Co. and feature exclusive Adaptive Modeling™ technology offering extraordinary voicing control over each stop. Another important exclusive is the ability to custom design tonal specifications of the organ at no additional charge.

Verdin® is America’s oldest and largest bell company celebrating its’ 175th anniversary in 2017. The Verdin Organ Division® represents numerous digital and pipe organ companies in an effort to offer churches the ability to select the right instrument for their situation.

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